~October 2017~

Hello there!

I started this blog to keep track of my progress in life. Why? Because a couple of months ago, I made a very important promise to myself. A critical decision.

That from now on

I will stop doubting myself. I will stop sabotaging my dreams.

I will stop resisting myself and start listening to my feelings and intuition.

I will allow myself to be happy. And give myself permission to BE. 100% vulnerable, imperfect and authentic me.

Most of all

I am going to trust myself so completely that no matter what anybody says my own feelings, instincts and decisions preside.


I want to live an EXTRA-ORDINARY life, daring to DO my dreams.

Today I am going to do what others won’t so that some day soon I can do ONLY what I truly WANT.

I am going to PAVE MY OWN PATH and live a life of my design.  

And where in the past I’ve held onto and regretted so much I will now live to


It’s been a whirlwind these past two years, and perhaps even longer than that. So much has happened to lead me to the path I walk today. So much doubt. Hesitance to follow my instinct. But actions that I finally did take that has given me more confidence, greater clarity and fulfillment.

Already I feel like I have been rewarded so much.

And yet, the journey has only just begun.

Let me share it with you.

The clarity I want to experience every day.